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Integrated Messaging+

A catalyst in the growth of electronically stored information (ESI), reviewed in litigation, has been the proliferation of communication channels beyond email. Custodians are increasingly utilizing instant messaging and chat across numerous platforms and applications. Globally, the top 4 instant messaging applications have over 4 billion monthly active users. Lexbe solves the challenges of eDiscovery for multi-channel communications with our Integrated Messaging+ service.

Eliminate the Challenges of Processing Instant Messaging, Chat and Collaboration Communications

Lexbe’s Integrated Messaging+ is a litigation support service that converts raw messaging data into reviewable PDFs complete with metadata extraction. Conversations from various messaging services can be exported directly by a user, however, the export files contain raw data and are not in a readily reviewable format. Through the use of Lexbe’s Integrated eDiscovery Messaging+ service, these raw data export files are converted into usable text and images with corresponding loadfiles that are loaded into the Lexbe eDiscovery Platform for review.

Once in the Lexbe eDiscovery Platform, you can view the conversations in a single pane so you can easily follow conversations across messaging platforms. In addition, each message is formatted like an email so you can easily review chat and instant message content and meta data, in a common format, from multiple communication sources. Lexbe Integrated Messaging+ equips lawyers and document reviewers with the ability to view all messages associated with a keyword or custodian in an email-like format for the purpose of eDiscovery. This eliminates the challenges of dealing with the explosion of messaging platforms including Skype, Slack, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Hangouts, Facebook, iChat and SMS text messages.

View Chat and Instant Messaging Conversations from Multiple Sources in a Single Pane

Benefits of Integrated Messaging+

  • Better Display of Phone Text Messages: Text messages are converted as one document per message and are displayed similar to an email format. They can be sorted in date order from the Browse screen.
  • Easier collection of Messages: Messages from Facebook, Google Hangouts and Skype can be exported by Lexbe, other litigation support staff, or the user, without the need for forensic examination.
  • Affordability:Our proprietary software is designed specifically to parse exported messaging fields and create imaged PDFs of the content eliminating the need for manual work and high hourly bills.
  • Simple & Fast Transmission:Transmit your raw message export files to us by secure internet upload, via secure FTP or send them to us direct via courier on flash or USB drives for processing. When your job has been completed, we will return them to you by your preferred method.

Features of Integrated Messaging+

  • Major Messaging Formats Supported: .csv, .json, .db (This includes messages from LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Hangouts, Facebook, Skype, Slack, iChat and SMS text messages)
  • Similar to Email: Messages are displayed similar to an email format with similar fields and integration.
  • Reviewable PDFs Created:Our service creates a reviewable PDF of each message with sender, recipient, date, time, suitable for review.
  • Bates-Stampable:Messages can be individually Bates-stamped.
  • Printable:Messages can be individually printed for Depos, motions, Trial exhibits, etc.
  • Comprehensive Review:Conversation strings among multiple messaging services can be displayed in Date order and filtered per participants.
  • Searchable:Messages are fully searchable and can be reviewed, coded and produced as any other standard document type.


Security is critically important to us. We specialize in eDiscovery processing, litigation support and online litigation database and document hosting. We are located in Austin, TX and all of our operations are conducted in the United States. We keep data on limited access servers in locked-down data centers. All data is strong encrypted (256­bit) in­transit and in­place. All Data centers used are US­ based, and provide SOC I and II reports published under SSAE 16 and ISAE 3402 professional standards and are ISO 27001 certified.