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Integrated Translation Viewer

Lexbe eDiscovery Platform’s Integrated Translation Viewer allows litigators to easily upload translated versions of documents, generate multi-lingual search results and review both english and foreign language versions within the same document record.

How it Works

Have multiple documents to manually or machine translate? With Lexbe, any legal professional can upload document versions created from translation tools or those manually created by human translators. Lexbe eDiscovery Platform associates the translated version within the original document record and joins (concatenates) the search index to support multi-language search, coding and review. Lexbe’s Auto-Translate+ service can handle almost any job in a few days, no matter the size.

Key Benefits

  • Superior Review Team Collaboration: English-speaking reviewers, foreign-reviewers and foreign-speaking translators can work in one integrated document review environment.
  • One Document Record: English translations and the non-English originals are available in PDF tabbed views for logical viewing and streamlined coding.
  • Increased Review Flexibility: English-language reviewers can quickly begin conducting responsiveness and privilege review using machine translations.
  • Foreign Language Redaction: English-speaking reviewers can redact foreign documents using the integrated English translations.
  • Improved Fact and Issue Management: Coding and fact issue timelining will associate with both the English and non-English document versions.
  • Multi-lingual Search Index: We join the foreign language and English translation in our multi-search index, so you can return documents searching in either language and both versions of the document will be returned. This means that a search for “Office Building” in English will return a German document with “Bürogebäude”.
  • Foreign Language Concept Search: Concept searches work across languages. A concept search for “edifice” in English would return both “office” in English and the German word for office, “Bürogebäude”. This means that review teams can find all documents no matter the language.

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