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eDiscovery for Construction Litigation

Construction Litigation can often involve many inter-connected parties, a large number of documents, and encompass a multitude of industry-specific issues such as construction defects, bonding, and indemnity, surety, subrogation, and insurance claims, good faith coverage determinations, workmanship, design, mechanics liens, Daubert challenges, multi-party mediations and arbitrations, etc.

The expansive nature of construction litigation cases often leads to large volumes of electronically stored information (ESI), and little time to review it. Construction law and defects cases are also known for having a multitude of parties with complex interconnecting relationships. These can include owners, contractors, subcontractors, architects, engineers, experts, sureties, insurance companies, lessors, lessees, and others.

This high level of complexity, the sheer volume of data, and the tendency for document collections and evidence to arrive iteratively presents a number of discovery and review challenges to overcome. Case documents need to be quickly converted, indexed, and made accessible to review teams. Search functionality needs to be comprehensive so that planning documents, notices to contracts, amendments, and specific elements can be instantly found and associated with case facts and issues. Timelines and case management data need to be seamlessly updated to reflect the latest review designations, and privileged documents need to be protected from inadvertent release.

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eDiscovery & Case Management Solutions for Construction Lawyers

Lexbe eDiscovery Platform has been designed to handle the most data intensive and complex construction litigation discovery collections. Lexbe’s powerful, search-centric review platform allows for streamlined identification and tagging of key case issues. This ability is backed by an innovative server technology that allows the instant deployment of near unlimited computing resources. In other words, Lexbe eDiscovery Platform can significantly expedite the review and production of increasingly large construction litigation data and other discoverable material.

Highly secure, web-based access and cross-platform support (PC and MAC) ensures that any individual authorized to participate in a particular construction litigation case can access Lexbe eDiscovery Platform from any location or device. Lexbe eDiscovery Platform’s pricing is simple and straightforward: pay only for the data you host. No case fees, user fees, licensing fees, or long term contracts required.

Lexbe Solutions

Lexbe eDiscovery Platform Our cross-platform (PC and Mac) hosted litigation document management solution features the ability to self-upload and process case data for same day review in addition to lightning fast, advanced search and coding capabilities. Lexbe eDiscovery Platform includes robust case analysis and timeline functionality in addition to online document processing capabilities that can streamline your IP case. Prepare productions quickly and in multiple formats with Lexbe eDiscovery Platform to meet discovery deadlines and satisfy production requests.

Key Features and Benefits of Lexbe eDiscovery Platform

  • Early Case Analysis – Analyze data and custodians, summary reports of ESI.
  • Dynamic Culling – Defensibly remove unneeded ESI with dynamic culling by custodian, date, file type or keyword.
  • Processing and Loading – Load native files (Outlook, Word, etc.), PDFs or TIFF/load files. We support it all. All files are converted to PDF for integrated viewing, search, and download.
  • Document Review – Search results in seconds, unlimited coding fields, integrated native files and more.
  • Productions – Our blended productions meet any need: natives, PDFs, TIFFs and load files.
  • Depos, Motions & Trial – Transcript analysis, dynamic timelines, document repository, and more.
  • Full Control – You have complete flexibility to manage and set-up cases, load documents, productions, etc., without investing in outside service vendors, saving you time and money.
  • Cross Platform Support – Lexbe is completely web based and supports both PC and Mac users.
  • Responsive Support – Lexbe offers multiple support options based on your needs including online and phone.
  • Custom Training and Services – Need more help? Lexbe can also provide additional training, technical services, and eDiscovery expert consulting, as needed.

Lexbe eDiscovery Services: Lexbe provides a variety of eDiscovery services to assist construction litigation firms with the challenges of quickly and accurately preparing large volumes of email, office and other native files and other electronic stored information (ESI) for legal review and delivery for discovery production requests. We distinguish ourselves with proprietary scalable eDiscovery back-end processing power that allows us to handle even the largest jobs quickly and cost-effectively.

Free eDiscovery Processing for IP Lawyers With 6 Months Hosting: We will process your case documents and data at no charge when you host your litigation collection with Lexbe’s easy-to-use and award winning hosted review platform for a minimum of 6 months. That’s it. No hidden fees, no loading fees, and no run around.

Construction Lawyer Resources

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