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eDiscovery for Disability Rights

Disability Rights Organizations face unique litigation challenges in advocating on behalf of their clients. Rapidly growing collections of electronically stored information (ESI) present an increasingly large obstacle when taking on resource-rich private firms. Disability rights advocates can frequently find themselves taking on data-intensive cases that overwhelm existing document review and production capabilities.

Because of the nature of their advocacy, disability rights groups often face obstacles in efficiently communicating and collaborating with outside counsel and partner firms. On top of all of this, advocates need to work with technology partners that understand their organizations’ resource constraints and the need for predictable, discounted pricing and cost-effective services.

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eDiscovery and Case Management Solutions for Disability Rights Organizations

10-6-2014 1-27-08 PM Scalable, web-based litigation document review databases like Lexbe eDiscovery Platform have been designed to handle even the most massive discovery collections. Innovative technology architectures allow for the instant deployment of near unlimited computing resources that can simplify and expedite the review of increasingly large data loads. Secure, web-based access and cross-platform support (PC and MAC) ensures that any individual authorized to participate in a particular case, regardless of firm or organization, can access Lexbe eDiscovery Platform from any location or device. Lexbe eDiscovery Platform’s pricing is simple: pay only for the data you host. No case fees, user fees, licensing fees, or long term contracts. Qualified non-profits are also eligible for a 10% discount to keep costs even lower so you can focus on delivering advocacy instead of invoices.

Lexbe Solutions

Lexbe eDiscovery Platform: Our hosted litigation document management solution features the ability to self-upload up to 10GB per day for same day review in addition to lightning fast, advanced search and coding capabilities. Lexbe eDiscovery Platform includes robust case analysis and timeline functionality in addition to online document processing capabilities. Prepare productions quickly and in multiple formats with Lexbe eDiscovery Suite to meet discovery deadlines and satisfy production requests.

Lexbe eDiscovery Services: Lexbe provides a variety of eDiscovery services to assist disability rights organizations involved in litigation with the challenges of quickly and accurately preparing large volumes of email, office and other native files and other electronic stored information (ESI) for legal review and delivery for discovery production requests. We distinguish ourselves with proprietary scalable eDiscovery back-end processing power that allows us to handle even the largest jobs quickly and cost-effectively.

Free eDiscovery Processing for Disability Rights Advocates With 6 Months Hosting – We will process your case documents and data at no charge when you host your litigation collection with Lexbe’s easy-to-use and award winning hosted review platform for a minimum of 6 months. That’s it. No hidden fees, no loading fees, and no run around.

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